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Thursday, October 24, 2013

Site selection and reading people

When I am metal detecting on a beach or in the shallow water,  I always hope to find one piece of gold jewelry. 
When I used to post on the internet metal detecting forums the biggest complaint from the forum "experts" was that I found too many pieces of high karat gold jewelry. 
How was I able to find such high quality pieces of gold jewelry on the same beaches where forum members struggled to find a plain gold band.  
I even got accused of owning a jewelry store, which is quite ironic because after finding so much jewelry I actually thought about opening an online jewelry store lol! 
The answer is site selection, nothing puts more diamonds on your loved ones finger than site selection.
Every beach and shallow water hunter has a choice to make when selecting sites to search on crowed beaches. 
Looks can be deceiving, many beach and shallow water hunters mistakenly think crowded beach sites must contain high end gold jewelry finds, that is simply not true in areas popular with younger crowds. 
Through the years I have had a lot of success at jewelry hunting by reading people using the beach. 
A crowded beach at spring break is the last place you will see me,  I do not go jewelry hunting for toe rings and mood rings. 
I prefer to search sites that give me a chance of finding that one valuable piece of high karat jewelry I am looking for.  
Every beach has sites within the site, I guarantee the faster you learn to read the people using the beach, the more high end jewelry you will recover. 
Think about that the next time you go jewelry hunting, which people on what part of the beach are more likely to lose what you are searching for?
That is exactly how this 14K ladies eternity ring stacked with diamonds ended up in my finds pouch. 

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