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Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Rejecting pennies on screened metal detectors

Many beach hunters who search on busy tourist beaches turn to screened metal detectors to help find treasure amongst the trash.
I use a Minelab CTX 3030 in Florida on many of my favorite jewelry hunting sites.
People who do not like screened metal detectors, rightly say that rejecting pennies will result in missed gold, especially low karat gold jewelry with high amounts of alloys in the gold mix.
There is a simple solution to rejecting pennies without missing gold using a screened metal detector.
Do not block edit discrimination patterns and use your ears!!!!! 
When you know the FE - CO numbers of a penny, there really is no need to manually edit a discrimination pattern. 
Use the audio tone to confirm the penny numbers on your screen. 
Even if a piece of 10K gold jewelry shares the same numbers and location on the screen,  an experienced beach jewelry hunter should be able to identify the gold ring by the tone. 
Beach hunters using screened metal detectors to search for modern gold jewelry, should always use their ears and trust in target audio tones when choosing not to dig pennies on the beach.  
There is always a simple solution to most beach hunting problems, if you are not afraid of using the latest technology to find treasure. 

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