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Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Productive sites and treasure hunting patience

Sometimes you have to wait for a productive beach site to open up again, before you can reap the rewards of treasure hunting patience. 
The hardest part of knowing any productive site is discovering the site in the first place, but once you do find an area containing old artifacts or modern jewelry it can be a future source of many metal detecting finds.
I have many, many beach and water hunting sites that I constantly keep an eye on, I am prepared to search them even if they open up for the shortest window of treasure hunting opportunity.
These gold jewelry finds from a 2 hour beach hunt are special to me, they represent a five year wait in between one beach site opening up and giving me the chance to find over 30 pieces of gold jewelry at the same site last year.

I was ready to search this old productive beach and water hunting site, after initially finding many more pieces of gold jewelry five years earlier. 
The diamond encrusted 18K gold bracelet link matches three other segments of the same bracelet found on the same site five years earlier. 
This may not  be very popular with people reading this blog who like to beach and water hunt in groups but, "Loose lips sink ships" when it comes to producing sites. 
The less people you tell about your  productive sites, the more treasure you have waiting for you at the site, instead of a large crowd of people metal detecting when you arrive at the site. 
Knowing where you are likely to find old shipwreck artifacts or modern gold jewelry is one heck of an advantage to a beach or shallow water hunter. 
Patience really is a virtue when a productive site opens up, no matter how long you have to wait for that site to open up,  it is always good to know you already have one of the keys to finding treasure. 

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