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Friday, October 18, 2013

Full moon water hunting

Now is the best time to take advantage of the full moon if you are a shallow water hunter. 
During the full moon low tides it is possible to search areas offshore that we're previously only accessible to swimmers. 
Jewelry lost by swimmers out in normally deeper water is almost impossible to retrieve when first lost by the unlucky swimmer. 
Timing is everything when the full moon gives you an opportunity to search in less heavily hunted areas. 
You usually have a short 2 hour window of opportunity to retrieve as many good targets as possible. 
On tourist beaches I never waste my precious full moon low tide time digging iron, the clock is ticking as the extra high full moon high tide will make sure you are searching closer to shore than usual. 
Use a discrimination search mode to go after the non ferrous targets, you can dig all targets any other time of the month. 
Watches, chains and large gold rings usually stay within discrimination search mode range much longer. 
If you return to search the same site the next day, try using a larger search coil or switching to an all metal search mode. 
It is always better to recover the easier to find jewelry first before searching for the harder to recover jewelry. 

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