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Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Searching beach entrances

The dry and wet sand opposite beach entrances can be a gold mine, even on the most heavily hunted beaches. 
If you are lucky enough to search long beaches with multiple beach entrances, you have a good chance of finding gold by just metal detecting directly opposite each beach entrance. 
Surprisingly few beach hunters search directly opposite beach entrances,  they start walking north or south.  
The best time to search beach entrances is early in the morning, before the beach cleaning tractor has had a chance to drag the area.  
Another good time to search is after a sudden shower or a thunder storm has passed across the area.
When you observe people leaving the beach piled up with towels and bags it is not hard to imagine why people lose so many belongs before getting off the beach. 
If people are rushing off the beach to avoid the rain, the chances of finding lost cameras, keys, cell phones or jewelry increase. 
You do not need the deepest metal detector to recover valuable targets near beach entrances, you need a good discriminating metal detector. 
Dry and wet sanders opposite beach entrances are searching for fresh drops, shallow targets recently lost.   
If ten people showed up to search a popular tourist beach on a Saturday morning, I would put my money on the beach or water hunter who had the chance to search opposite the beach entrance first. 
I have found some really nice gold rings and chains on heavily hunted beaches, by ignoring the temptation to walk along beaches to the areas the local competition like to hammer. 
Rows and rows of sun beds are empty all night, the beach entrance is usually the busiest area on the beach at night time.  
If you walk onto the beach and see other hunters already metal detecting farther down the beach,  never be disheartened, look at it as a good sign! 
Think about that, the next time you turn your metal detector on and head towards where the competition are programmed to search.

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