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Saturday, August 10, 2013

Relationships and bonding

It really surprises me how long some people have been beach or water hunting and STILL have not managed to settle down and build a relationship with one metal detector.  
A quick look around the internet metal detecting forums, remind me of the movie "Shallow Hal" were the leading character always manages to find a minor fault with a beautiful girl that he cannot get over.
So many "keyboard detector experts" nit pick and making silly depth comparisons, when is the last time anyone took a tape measure to the beach?
Every major metal detector company has one or two models that can be used on the beach or in the water, it should not be hard to find one that suits your style of beach or water hunting.
Your choice of metal detector is very important and it is not a choice that should be taken lightly and that is why research is the key to finding a good hunting partner.
Always use a metal detector that is well balanced and comfortable to use, it should also have has options and features that improve your chances of locating the targets you are searching for.
In my case,  modern gold jewelry on tourist beaches and thin Spanish silver treasure coins on shipwreck beaches.
I see so many "Keyboard experts" with an axe to grind against certain makes or models of metal detector, and of course always wanting the last word, I leave the pitch fork waving to the angry villagers.
Even though I am happy with my choice of metal detector, I am not afraid to try something new.
I have tried a few different metal detectors over the last few years, but I  have not found anything better than the metal detectors I use for my specific style of beach and shallow water hunting.
The bond between you and your metal detector is an important factor on heavily hunted beaches.
It is an advantage that I fully exploit, running finely tuned metal detectors for maximum depth and sensitivity for the targets I search for. 
Believe me, the longer you have used your metal detector, the further ahead of the competition you will stay.
Always base your metal detector decisions on your own research, not from people who spend more time on internet metal detecting forums than using a metal detector. 
Good treasure hunters with finds behind their names are in harmony with their metal detector, they use their beach reading skills to find treasure on a regular basis.
Inferior beach hunters are always searching and waiting for the perfect metal detector.
Bad workers always blame their tools!

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