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Sunday, August 25, 2013

Micro searching.

I always see beach hunters walking along the beach, who says you have to go anywhere? 
It may surprise you just how many metallic objects are in the sand in front of beach side parking lot or beach entrance. 
Extra large search coils are all the rage now with beach hunters who mistakenly believe you have to cover more ground to find anything with the increased competition for metal detecting finds. 
If you take a look at people using metal detectors on most beaches around the world, they almost always look like they are heading somewhere, often in a hurry! 
Many beach hunters are covering ground but not really covering the ground. 
If you use a metal detector that allows you to change search coils, install a small search coil and hang around in one spot for an hour or two and you will see what I mean.
It does not matter whether it is an 8, 6 or 5-inch search coil, I guarantee you will be digging more targets than you can handle.
Many local beach hunters do not really cover the ground correctly, they cover the area but not the ground.
Small gold & silver jewelry, old artifacts or coins can easily be masked by a bottle cap or a corroding fish hook. 

Target separation is far more important than being the first person to search any prime spots on heavily or moderately hunted beaches.
You really only see how many targets you just miss when you stop to search for other targets after you find something good.  
Or you decide to go over a coin line from a different direction or using a different search pattern. 
I think "missed targets" is a poor  choice of words, as you did not hear the targets in the first place.
Many beach and shallow water hunting sites are better searched by using a combination of search patterns with two different size search coils. 
Sometimes the reason why beach hunters go home happy with a great find is because they bothered to really cover a productive area.
Be thankful that other beach hunters are passing through, it is when a beach hunter stops to search an area that you have to worry!

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