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Monday, June 10, 2013

Tidy sweeping

If you want a simple way of increasing your jewelry finds on the beach and in the water,  try shortening your sweeps. 
Not over extending your sweep will also help you to have more control over your search coil, leading to increased metal detector sensitivity and depth. 
Maintaining a narrow "lane" helps to prevent your search coil from raising up at the end of the sweeping motion. 
Notice how I refer to the actual metal detecting technique as sweeping, not swinging the metal detector. 
You also get the best results when your search coil is slightly scuffing the surface of the sand on every sweep.
Installing super long straight shafts and extra large search coils on metal detectors is the trendy thing to do at the moment. 
Beach hunting code for "Im not finding anything so it must be over there and deeper."
A better option is to improve your search techniques by narrowing your sweep and concentrating on keeping your coil close to the sand, to get maximum depth and to thoroughly cover the search area. 
I repeat, nothing will find you more jewelry than a slow methodical sweep that does not allow your search coil to tilt up at the end of each sweep.
Use a moderately extended straight shaft to balance the weight of a heavy machine, not to create a way to cover more ground.
I never sweep more than 2 feet past my shoulders, when I scoop a target I rarely have to step out of my search lane. 
Using an extra long shaft and having to walk over to the side to scoop a target will  lead to missing valuable targets, not to mention the effects of iron masking created by using an extra large search coil. 
Learn to sweep your metal detector with the standard size search coil correctly, before trying to increase your finds by trying to cover the whole beach for deeper targets. 
Smart beach and shallow water hunters concentrate on things they can control, the gold that is already waiting to be found within reach. 
Gold jewelry like this 18K bracelet with sapphires, an early Monday morning find after a busy weekend on a popular tourist beach. 

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