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Saturday, June 22, 2013

The scoop on scoops

Part time beach and shallow water hunters like myself, need to make the most of their treasure hunting time.
It makes treasure hunting sense that the more targets you are able to recover, the more chance you will have of finding something good.
The less fatigued you are while metal detecting, the longer you will be able to stay out on the beach searching for treasure.
There is no way around the fact that a beach and shallow water hunter needs a long handled beach scoop.
Preferably two long handled scoops, a stainless steel one for water hunting and an aluminum one for beach hunting.
You can tell a lot about the competition on the beach by the scoop they are using, a shiny new detector and a coffee can size sand scoop are not a good combination. 
Choose a scoop that can handle the local beaches you search,  if you need a stainless steel lip welding on an aluminum scoop, you need a stainless steel scoop! 
I own three long handled scoops, an aluminum for dry sanding, a stainless steel for water hunting and a lighter stainless steel for wet sanding. 
My favorite scoop is this stainless steel T Rex open style basket scoop, perfect for beach and shallow water hunting.  

I scooped up this $150.00 pair of Rayban sunglasses using my T Rex in the shallow water recently,  open basket style scoops help to cut down on damage to good finds recovered on the beach and in the water.  

One large bite out of the sand with a large open style scoop basket is better than having to take two or three stabs at recovering a target using an enclosed style scoop basket. 
You invest a lot of money on waterproof metal detectors, why not make things easier by investing in the right kind of target recovery tools. 

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