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Sunday, June 16, 2013

Moving ferrous objects to find gold

I used a little shallow water hunting trick last week to find a 1/2 ounce chunk of 18K gold in a rocky stretch of shallow water.
When searching an area with large ferrous objects on a productive beach, try to move the ferrous objects out of the way if you can. 
I do this all the time, its just easier to move clumps of iron behind you, just in case the ferrous clump is masking gold. 
The 18K "Jimenez" ring in this photo was found after moving a large corroding iron bar behind me to an area that had already been searched. 

The gold ring was being masked by the large piece of rotting iron on a heavily hunted South Florida tourist beach. 
Obviously the full time water hunting guys who search that beach every day did not get the memo to move iron. 
Sometimes the corroding object in the water does not have to be big to make a difference.
I wonder how many shallow water hunters step to one side when they see a beer or soda can in the water.
A savvy beach or shallow water hunter pushes the can to one side and searches the area, better still why not take the can off the beach. 
I found my first Spanish silver eight reale because I took the time to move a couple of beer cans off the top of another Treasure coast beach hunters spoil piles.  
After sweeping my search coil between the two dug holes, I recovered a silver piece of eight that had obviously been masked out by the two discarded beer cans. 
If you do not want to end up on the wrong end of another persons favorite find story , fill your holes and take your trash home with you. 

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