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Thursday, May 30, 2013

The wiggle and enhancing iffy signals

Minelab Sovereign and Excalibur users will know exactly what I am referring to when I mention the "wiggle"
This method of wiggling your search coil over an iffy target to enhance the signal is a trick used to coax small conductive targets out of trashy sites.
Slow, short, pinpointing style sweeps of the search coil over the target help to improve the signal response from potentially valuable targets. 
I was pleasantly surprised to discover that my CTX 3030 can do the same exact thing in trashy areas, even with the larger search coil. 
Many beach and shallow water hunters mistakenly believe that a good target has to be a two way repeatable signal, no matter which metal detector they use.
Some of my best finds came from iffy, let me recheck signals. 
Those loud headphone blasting signals rarely turn out to be the find of your dreams. 
Although not as grand as some of the rings I have found, this 1932 masonic ring with a 3/4 carat diamond is one of my favorite metal detecting finds. 

It was just one of those interesting little broken iffy signals that perked my interest on a water hunt several years ago.
I was using my Excalibur and coaxed the signal out a little clearer using the wiggle technique over the target. 
A round encrusted golf ball size piece of coral lay in the bottom of my scoop and the only visible was the sparkling diamond. 
After a day soaking in lemon juice the coral began to crumble, revealing the old gold ring.  
I did not want to risk ruining the find and left a little coral on for character. 
You never know what condition old jewelry and coins will come out of the water in, sometimes they do not even look like they are made of gold or silver.
Investigate those strange broken signals in the water and on the lower beach, probably corroding bottle caps but once in a while you get rewarded for stopping to wiggle. 

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