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Thursday, May 23, 2013

Jewelry hunting by the numbers

Many beach and shallow water hunters overlook the importance of jewelry hunting by numbers. 
When you first start out beach and shallow water hunting, it is easy to get caught up in the hype. 
So and so found a gold ring there and I am going to keep hammering away at the same site until I find a gold ring there. 
Unfortunately every other beach hunter has the same idea as you, quite often those known sites are very heavily hunted.
I am talking about the main heavily hunted stretch of beach where the regular beach and shallow water hunters can be seen gathering just about every day of the week. 
Many of the regular beach hunters are easy to spot, mainly because they search the same beach all the time. 
Try playing the numbers game, hitting smaller beaches where your chances of finding gold actually increase because the small sites are less hunted. 
You may be pleasantly surprised at the amount of jewelry finds you are able to recover at these less glamorous beaches. 
I found this beautiful 18K gold ladies Amethyst ring at one of those unsexy beaches last year, one of 50 pieces of gold I found over a three week period.

People still lose plenty of gold and silver jewelry on beaches that are not opposite large hotels or parking lots, these kind of sites are often smaller and easier to search. 
You could try placing your jewelry hunting bets on hitting several sites using hit and run tactics.
Once you have found something good at the lesser hunted site, you should have the place all to yourself.
That is providing that you stick to the Gary Drayton number one rule of beach and water hunting, never tell anyone where you find anything. 
It generally costs more money to live by the beach, that also includes living across the road from the beach. 
This superb 18K gold opal and diamond ladies ring is another jewelry find from last year using my hit and run approach to searching less hunted sites. 

Shared access points from beachside communities are gold mines waiting to be mined by a a beach hunter prepared to search away from the metal detecting crowds. 

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