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Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Easy gold finds

Yes there really is such a thing as "easy" gold finds on every beach. 
Many beach and shallow water hunters are obsessed with deep out of range gold. 
 Looking for the deepest metal detector, the largest search coil, even the headphones that will help to find that elusive deep gold. 
I can say that the majority of of my best gold finds have been shallow targets, easily found within the first two to ten inches of sand. 
Target separation is much more important than depth for a beach hunter 90% of the time.
For instance, when a beach is cut or eroded after a storm.  
Do you really need more depth searching a beach that has several feet of sand already removed? 
In my opinion, recovering the easy gold within reach is far more important than any gold that may or may not be on the edge of detection range.  
Recovery speed and target separation are a gold jewelry hunters best friends. 
These two key gold jewelry hunting elements can be enhanced by using a slow sweep speed and search coil skimming the surface of the sand to recover easy gold. 
Finds like these gold chains and bracelets, which are some of the hardest finds to recover on the beach for the average beach hunter.

Would your rather dig deep holes or go home with easy gold? 

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