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Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Treasure is where you find it

I only had a two hour early morning beach hunt this past weekend, even though I only found several pieces of silver jewelry it was fun because I tried a different beach.
I rarely hammer away at the same beach and water hunting sites, instead I prefer to try many different beaches.
This beach hunting strategy leads to a wide variety of finds and it helps me avoid becoming predictable.
Predictable beach and shallow waters hammer away at the same sites regardless of the beach conditions.
This $3500.00 diamond ring was found on a south Florida beach that I have yet to see another person metal detecting at.

I search many beaches that I rarely see other people metal detecting at,  some beaches are only a short distance from heavily hunted tourist beaches, but they are still over looked by beach hunters eager to search with the pack. 
They say that to find gold you have to go where large crowds gather on the beach, but I prefer a different numbers game. 
I would rather search more beaches with less crowds, you can hit more beaches and have more of a chance of finding gold. 
Once you know the hot spots on several beaches you can hit the hot spots and move on. 
The only way you find hot spots on less hunted beaches is by taking the time to metal detect on those beaches, instead of following the detecting crowd to the sexier looking beaches. 
Treasure is where you find it,  not where everyone thinks other people are finding it. 

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